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Rottweiler - Once known as the butcher's dog, the Rottweiler has grown to be a favorite of dog owners. Both loving and loyal, this mu

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Once known as the "butcher's dog," the Rottweiler has grown to be a favorite of dog owners. Both loving and loyal, this much pooch often receives a lot of bad press. But those who own these dedicated dogs know the overflowing kindness Rottweilers offer to any individual or family. Check out the many Rottweiler sites listed below.


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Burkestrom Rottweilers
WE have german bred rotties. Our site includes photos, pedigrees, and puppies for sale.
Vom Scharzen Donner Rottweilers
Vom Schwared Donner Rottweilers is a small code of ethics breeder in Nikiski Alaksa. We breed according to the AKC standard, breeding for excellence, and to preserve the qualities of the true rottweiler. We strive to produce top quality Pups with sound temperaments, correct conformation, strong working ability, and excellent health. Please visit out site for more info on our upcomming Breeding out of top German Bloodlines.
Welcome To My Rottie Info Page
This has info on rottie, training, free stuff your your dog, rings, clubs and other fun stuff.
Rottweiler's -and a cat
Pictures, photos, video and animations mostly on our rottweiler's.
www.CollectorsAddition .com - Rottweilers!
We Ship WORLDWIDE! Your Source for Unique Animal Collectibles & Gifts from All Over the World!

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