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Bodies Under Siege - Hope and support for those who self-injure; sites discussing and learning about self-harm, self-injury and suicide. the

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Bodies Under Siege

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Hope and support for those who self-injure

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I Cut! Deal With it! - 02/08/2010

This website is about admitting that I currently am a cutter. It's to allow other cutters to know that their cutting does not have to make them feel like they are doing something taboo, or makes them a crazy person. Trust me, people who this are already living in a day to day fight to rid feelings of resentment, guilt, depression, anxiety etc. They do not have to also carry the burden that the cutting they use as a self coping mechanism makes them a psycho or any form of crazy. I just want cutters to know I am not encouraging this behavior,but it's just one of the ways, just like alcohol, people cope with their problems. Cutting brings a rush of relief,and a safe feeling in a time of crisis. It's ok to cut just like it is to drink alcohol, as long as you do not abuse either. There are just natural coping mechanisms that people gravitate to.

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