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Bodies Under Siege - Hope and support for those who self-injure; sites discussing and learning about self-harm, self-injury and suicide. the

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Bodies Under Siege

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Hope and support for those who self-injure

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just like anything once
- 11/19/2011
just like anything once you do it once you'll begging to want to go more extreme. when times get hard we turn to cutting as an emotional outlet and our emotions and bodies require more extremes as oppose to punching a wall. the behavior will not stop until you say this has to stop. emotions are going to happen hard times are going to come but we must find another emotional outlet. Journaling, working out, volunteering. Our past may be a hurtful one but we have to mature past it. this doesn't mean bury your past or emotions because they have to come out. talk to a friend or do something to let it out besides cutting. things that happen are not all your fault and you don't have to be perfect or strong all the time. i really hope this helps. i suggest if you know Jesus Christ you find a church and talk to one of there counselor and i pray its a good church. if they judge you or expect this to just disappear get out of there because you need one thats gonna walk with you through this that focus on relationship of Jesus and not the religious part (rules).

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