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Bodies Under Siege - Hope and support for those who self-injure; sites discussing and learning about self-harm, self-injury and suicide. the

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Bodies Under Siege

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Hope and support for those who self-injure

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The show couldn't go on... - 03/17/2013
The truth is...the greatest lie I've ever told was when I said I wouldn't lie anymore. Do you notice anything interesting or strange about that sentence? Read it again... That is a brutally honest statement. It is stark, it is ugly, & it is absolute truth. Even when wrapped in lies the truth shines through. Like a thin coat of white paint on a dark wall. No matter how hard we try to cover up what's underneath it will inevitably find it's way to the surface. Without fail. If you look at that wall long enough, or study that sentence long enough...if you pay'll notice that something just doesn't look quite right about it. Which is the truth, and which is the lie? And which one are we trying to hide? So what do we do? We paint over it again and again until it's completely covered. Or at least it appears that way to us. In actuality all it takes is the sun to shine on that wall a certain way and there it is. It never left. All of our deepest, darkest secrets...all of our fears and struggles are right there lurking just below the surface(or in the case of us cutters...on the surface). Right behind that smile, that light-hearted laugh, that stupid joke lies unbelievable pain, anguish and torment. Hiding in plain sight. A master of disguise. We spend a good portion of our lives walking around doing impressions of happy people, fulfilled people, enlightened people. Some of us have gotten exceptional at it. You'd swear we were...

The show couldn't go on...

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