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Bodies Under Siege - Hope and support for those who self-injure; sites discussing and learning about self-harm, self-injury and suicide. the

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Bodies Under Siege

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Hope and support for those who self-injure

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'I never would have guessed...' - 02/27/2013
"I never would have guessed..." This is the number one response I get when somebody finds out that I self-harm "You don't seem like the type..." This is the second most popular "I kind of figured..." Third "Makes sense..." Fourth All of these responses are very telling. On one hand you have the group of people whose immediate reaction is one of confusion: The "You don't seem like the type" group. This tells you two very important things about these people; 1) They believe they know how to immediately identify a cutter, & 2) They have no idea. You've basically thrown a wrench into their pre-conceived notion of what a cutter should look & act like. You don't even remotely resemble the images that they've seen on their televisions, and further fabricated in their own heads over the years. Of course, this completely fucks with them something awful. People like their packages to be nice, neat & clearly labeled. How can this be? He looks like me, talks like me, goes to work everyday just like me. He seems Precisely. This is one of the hardest things for people to grasp when they have to deal with a cutter(I suppose if I were trying to be slightly clever I could say something about how most people prefer the 'cookie cutter' version;) They have a very difficult time accepting the fact that we are very normal people for the most part, just with an abnormal way of dealing with stress. We're not going to wea...

"I never would have guessed..."

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